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Boutique Bed & Breakfast
High Street Hurley, SL6 5NB
cheap prednisone 10mgcheap prednisone
T: 01628 825086
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Cheap generic prednisone - Buy prednisone for pets

Small Luxury 5 Star Boutique Bed & Breakfast
in Hurley, Berkshire

The Crazy Fox can be found in the heart of the picturesque riverside village of Hurley. 4 miles from Marlow and Tom Kerridge’s award winning restaurant The Hand and Flowers. 6 miles from Henley on Thames for easy access to Henley Regatta, Henley Festival, Henley business school. 6 miles from Bray village and Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck, Hinds Head, and the crown. So many more to chose from within both walking and a short taxi ride. The perfect country weekend retreat at only 26 miles from central London and 10 miles from Heathrow airport.

Weekday business stays are very popular with our unique home from home atmosphere, never ending tea and coffee with fresh milk in the fridge! Peace and quiet and an amazingly comfortable and huge bed await.

buy prednisone at Crazy Fox Hurley or cheap prednisone 10mg buy prednisone 5mg.

Our Rooms

Contact Us

Cheap generic prednisone - Buy prednisone for pets

Boutique Bed & Breakfast ~ High Street Hurley ~ SL6 5NB

order prednisone overnight

T: 01628 825086