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Boutique Bed & Breakfast
High Street Hurley, SL6 5NB
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T: 01628 825086
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Buy cheap prednisone - Purchase prednisone online

Well placed for a multitude of activities and guests at The Crazy Fox are never lost for something to do! We can arrange and organise transport for whatever takes your fancy.

Experience Hurley by bike or canoe

The Crazy Fox can hire you canoes or bikes so that you can experience the beautiful countryside of Hurley for the day. We will send you on your mini adventure with a homemade pack lunch and a map of popular routes.

If you decide you want to come home the fast way, we can come at pick you up by car.

Have a one to one pilates session followed by a massage – 

‘More than Pilates’ is a concept, a destination, a journey.
The POWMAX method of Pilates taught on machines was developed following the frustration of its founder Samantha Kellard.

Sam decided to make health, fitness and wellbeing her profession after spending much of her 20’s and early 30’s consumed with neck pain. “This form of exercise will underpin all other activities and keep you strong, supple and upright into your old age.” Visit buy prednisone for more information.


Try an experience polo day

We have teamed up with local polo clubs to offer our guests the opportunity to be a polo player for the day. Your very own polo day will include:
 The full polo experience – riding instruction, “Rules of Play” and your very own polo game!

Friendly, experienced staff will guide you through how to handle your polo pony, hitting the ball and then put it all together in a friendly game at the end.