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Boutique Bed & Breakfast
High Street Hurley, SL6 5NB
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T: 01628 825086
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Purchase prednisone for dogs, Buy cheap prednisone


There are just 4 bedrooms at the Crazy Fox and they are very popular for people coming to eat at the Hand and flowers and the fat duck. Lots of businesses in Marlow and Henley book us for a special rate and a home from home cosy change from the usual chain hotels.

Fabulously special for wedding parties with roomy, light dressing area and the dining room all to yourselves.

Why not take over the whole place for a special birthday or retreat?

The beds are all huge king or superking so you can lose yourselves – none of them split in to twins.

All of our bedrooms are decorated individually, they have super sized beds which have been hand made and are fabulously comfortable. They are dressed with the finest quality Egyptian cotton sheets and fluffy towels and robes for a super snuggly treat. There is free Wi-Fi (fast fiber optic) but we think you will relax in the country air and mooch around the village and river. We have a stash of things you may have forgotten (toothbrush, razor etc.) so do ask us if you need anything.

The dining room

We have a dining room which you can book for dinner parties, our chef will work on the menu with you and you can even join her and learn a bit about how she does it.

Dining Room